Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Welcome to the CFAN blog!

CFAN is a grassroots feminist activist group. We are currently based in Regina, Saskatchewan, and have the strength of over 160 members.

Our mandate is to work for social justice by fighting sexism, racism, homophobia/heterosexism, classism and ableism.

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Current or potential members/allies can contact us at:

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CFAN is gender-inclusive: we welcome women, men, and those who do not identify with gender/sex categories. Membership in CFAN is acquired simply by joining our email list and taking part in CFAN actions. Members must agree with, and support, the following basis of unity.

Our Basis of Unity:

1. We oppose patriarchy in all of its forms.
2. We are in favour of full gender equality.
3. We support the equality of all humans, regardless of what makes each individual unique (gender, sexual orientation, skin colour, etc.)
4. We are committed to achieving full gender equality in our world by peaceful, non violent means.
5. We are 100% opposed to violence against women.
6. We are committed to fighting ignorance (sexism, racism, homophobia, classism, ableism, etc.) and the deliberate spread of misinformation for the purpose of proliferating social injustice and inequality.
7. We believe social justice is the ultimate goal in achieving gender equality.
8. We are committed to working with other organizations that share these guiding principles.
9. We are committed to fighting injustices, including (but not limited to): sexism, heterosexism/homophobia, racism, classism, ableism, and ageism.